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From the airplane, while arriving into Busan for the first time, I was afraid that the city might be too dull. But while the blocks of identical gray apartment buildings might dominate the skyline, once you get onto the streets, Busan offers endless variety. Temples, bars, traffic, cute plush toys and drawings, and… chicken crossings? This city has it all!

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  1. Paul Fong

    Hi everyone,Busan is really a good place for us to vegging out, for my wife & I, we visit Busan twice yearly for almost 3 years since 2010.We breathed tonic fresh air & food & water & everything that our motherland doesn’lt have! We always plan to live in Busan for at least 3 months every year after our retirement. :)Hope you’ll have the same passion after visited a wonderful city ….Busan!! Warm Regards,Paul 

  2. Ginna

    In the 18th photo down, there are jars of something in a window. I can’t read the lettering to translate, but is that ginseng root? Very strange. Almost looks like macabre nerve endings or something. Love your blog!

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