Busan’s Trick Eye Museum

The only thing which Koreans love more than taking pictures is having their picture taken. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to find in Busan an entire museum dedicated to the art of posing for funny photos. But still… I was surprised. The Trick Eye Museum, underneath the Heosimcheong Spa, is one of the most bizarre places we’ve been in a long time.

Trick Eye Museum Busan

If you don’t like having your picture taken, stay far away from the Trick Eye Museum, which is also not recommended for anyone who’s overly serious, or those who have any semblance of pride. Basically, if you’re not willing to act like an idiot in front of the camera, you won’t have any fun here. But everyone else, and especially kids, should prepare for a good time.

The entire point of this “museum” is to provide setups for funny pictures. An upside-down room makes it look like you’re standing on the ceiling. Stand in front of Mona Lisa with a paintbrush. Lay down on the floor and hang on for dear life to the painting of a cliff. Peer into a gentleman’s briefs. Wrap yourself in the coils of a serpent. Crawl into bed with a surprisingly buxom Mike. Will the hilarity ever stop?! No, it won’t… it goes on and on, for room after room after room. This place is huge and if you haven’t had your fill of funny-posing pictures by the end of it, then you, my friend, have some issues.

Busan Trick Eye Museum

Juergen and I visited right after a three-hour session in the Heosimcheong Spa, and were loosened up enough to throw ourselves into the picture-taking with abandon. After all, we’d just spent hours prancing around naked in front of other men, so screwing up our faces for a silly photo wasn’t exactly a tall order. Please enjoy our photos … if you can stomach the sad spectacle of two grown men acting without dignity.

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  1. Chris Jones

    Love the funny expressions with your pictures!It’s the funny sense of humour in the things we recognize that is the most interesting to me. These are the type of images I try to create in my line of work as a digital artist.I would love to know what else you can show by way of pictures and humour if you have it!

  2. Nice collection, but how come there’s more pictures from the Daily Mail site than on your page?

  3. Jeff

    Hey, this is Jeff from World Flavor. My girlfriend and I are the other people in the Daily Mail photos. Did you notice that half the pictures are from the Hongdae location?

    1. Juergen

      Hi! We were surprised to see that a lot of the photos on the DailyMail site were definitely not from Busan. I suppose they wanted more variety. Looks like you guys had a great time there, too!!

  4. Kristi

    I can’t seem to find the address or phone number to The Trick Eye Museum in Busan.  Can you help with this?Thanks!

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