The Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams

Home Fountain Show

I’m not sure which is more audacious — billing yourself as the “world’s best and biggest fountain”, or calling yourself the Fountain of Dreams. Big words, Dadaepo, and you’ve set the bar high. Would your musical show of color and water be the “magnificent and dynamic banquet of light” which your website promises us? We expect no less!

Actually, the show was pretty good. I’m not saying it was life-changing or anything, or that I was whispering under my breath, “Finally I have found the fountain of my dreams“, but I was reasonably entertained. And one can’t expect much more from colorfully-lit water splashing to the beats of Andrea Bocelli.

Around the huge, circular fountain, 60-meters in diameter, all the seats were packed full. Mostly, it was families with young kids, like the group seated next to us. The mom was pestering her son to practice his English on us, which was fine with me, since he kept giving us his potato chips for another instructive exchange of “thank you”, “you’re welcome”.

Before the show began, we had a chance to check out Dadaepo Beach: a beautiful stretch of sand overlooking a peninsular park. This section of town, on the far southwest of the city limits, is a lot more popular and interesting than I had figured during the interminable train ride here, and we promised to return.

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  1. Kathryn Drake

    Hello Jurgen and Mike!I have been thoroughly enjoying your fantastic blog highlighting Busan.  My husband and I (and 4 kids) are about to relocate to the Bundang-gu area just outside of Seoul to live and work for the next two years.  I can’t wait to take some weekend trips out to Busan now!  If you have any recommendations for sights to see in Seoul, do tell.  Enjoy your final days. I look forward to reading about where you go next!-Kathryn Drake

    1. Juergen

      Kathtyn, thank you so much for the comment. You will have a blast in Busan! There is so much to do and see for the whole family. We won’t be making it to Seoul but it will be a good reason to come back some day soon to Korea. Enjoy!!

  2. castro

    Hi, Kathryn. Bundang is a nice place to live with children. I visited there. I like it. For me, Seoul means a paradise for hiking. Seoul is surrounded by lush green mountains. I think Seoul’s landmark is Mt.Bukhansan, which  is just 30 minutes distance by subway from the center of Seoul to the base of the mountain climbing. In Bukhansan national park, you can do mountain climbing or walking along the trail all the way roundabout the mountain. I will show you fabulous pictures of Mt. Bukhansan(836 meter).Juergen and Mike! When you come to Seoul, you will enjoy hiking in Mt. Bukhansan. in the spring in the spring in the fall in the fall

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