Patbingsu – Korea’s Summertime Treat

Throw a pile of shaved ice on top of milk, cover it in red beans, and sprinkle a bit of green tea powder on the top. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious treat? No?! Well, somehow… it is. Patbingsu (???) is one of South Korea’s favorite desserts, and way more delectable than it sounds.

Korean Red Bean Bingsu on shaved ice with matcha powder

Although it’s in our neighborhood, we would have never found this incredible patbingsu shop if our friends hadn’t taken us there after hiking at Hoedong Lake. A definite “hidden gem” in Namcheon. There was a line out the door, and all the people at tables in the shaded, cool interior were eating one thing — patbingsu. There were no variations, no other menu items.

When ours arrived, I was skeptical. The big red pile didn’t look at all appetizing, and was way too large a portion. But not wanting to be rude, I dug in, mixing a bit of the red bean sauce into the ice and eating it. And was it good? Umm… another bite! Oh, it was quite good. Another, bigger bite! There’s milk at the bottom. More bites!! Now it’s begun to melt a bit, and my bites have become slurpy! No matter, bite and slurp and bite and … it’s gone. I had devoured the entire bowl without a thought.

There are an unlimited number of places to try out this treat throughout Busan — even fast food chains like McDonald’s and Lotteria offer it. But, I doubt there’s a cooler patbingsu shop than the one we visited in Namcheon. Check it out. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day.

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  1. rEy Shaun Madolora

    I feel the need to point out that Patbingsu is stolen from the Philippines where the desert is called Halo Halo, but Koreans were not the only culture to copy this unique desert as almost every country in Asia now has their own version of a desert concoction containing shaved ice, condensed milk, and red beans. Regardless, I love it!!!

  2. Preemie Maboroshi

    What an awesome location! I love the bamboo and wood! And the photo of the little boy resting his head on the table is really cute.

  3. aries

    There’s something like that in Singapore, too! “Ice Kachang”

  4. who

    Even though i have been living in a near village of this patbingsoo store, I had never known its existing before i read this article. I miss the summer and patbingsoo. Thanks for letting me know.

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