What Defines the City?

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It’s impossible to define Busan by just one trait. Is it the soaring architecture, the public artworks, the relaxed way of life, the beaches and relation to the water, or is the odd moments of eccentricity? All of these things and more are captured in this batch of photos. Each one might have been taken anywhere, but together? That’s Busan.

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  1. castro

    KBS(Korean Broadcasting system) made an excellent 58 minutes HD TV program “Korean sea and coast from the sky” as a special project to celebrate Yeousu World Expo. The first 19 minutes cover from Jeju islands to Korean South Sea islands and its coast. The second 15 minutes(19~33) cover Korean West Sea coast from the south to the north.  The third 10 minutes (33~42) cover Korean East Sea coast from the north to Busan, including Ulleng island and Dokdo. The fourth 16 minutes(42~58) cover from Busan through Geoje island and  TongYong, to Yeousu, including Yeousu World Expo venues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f639d8FfVDg

    1. Juergen

      Love the shots! Castro, thank you for sharing.

      Ohhh .. would love fly over Busan in a Helicopter and take photographs! 
  2. Preemie Maboroshi

    Cool photos! I loved the first photo, with the boy looking out the window with all the drawings on it. I also liked the photo of the chatty bottle of Soju, leaning against the pillar and gabbing away. And the photo of the billboard girl lifting up her skirt is pretty funny. I love all the photos of the shore during sunset. And that huge, grey cloudbank hovering over the building and bridge! Awesome!

  3. rEy Shaun Madolora

    Love it!!I’m glad you captured the “booty” love motel shot in Bugeon Market… I am always tempted to take a photo of that sign!!!A picture is worth a thousand words… great photo series of Busan!

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